Hopi Ear Candeliling Course | Workshop attendance Certificate

Course Overview:

Hopi ear candling is designed for therapists wishing to extend

their qualifications within the holistic field. Our hopi ear candling

course will begin with the history and benefits of Hopi ear

candling, covering the effect on the ears, nose and throat,

the conditions wish can benefit from the treatment,

contra-indications. students will work on

one another to experience the true feeling of Hopi ear candling

and understand the effects from it as well as carrying out the

treatment safely following correct procedures.

Indian Head Massage Course | Workshop attendance Certificate

Course Overview:

 This Indian Head Massage Course provides students with the

skills required for use in a salon, spa or at home.Indian Head

Massage is based on traditional and Indian techniques by using

a variety of massage movements. The energy of chakras is

what Indian head massage is based on which relieves stress

and its effects on the systems of the body. Relaxing muscles

relieves tension improves circulation to the brain which helps

to clear the mind.

This facial course is fully accredited so you gain industry recognition through our fast (within 48 hours of course completion) certification service and insurance, to be able to work within the industry.

No previous experience or qualifications are required to enroll on the course and you could today be learning, qualifying and earning money as a professional.

Duration & Time
One day Course - 9am - 2 pm